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I just wanted to make that perfectly clear, from the very beginning. I know it LOOKS like a blog. It feels like a blog. Smells like a blog.

But it’s not a blog. I don’t blog.

If you feel the need for a blog, you need not look very far. I encourage you to go take a look. Find the nearest search engine and type “blog”. After all, there are a million bloggers out there just dying for someone to actually READ their latest entry. Go ahead - make someone’s day.

I must confess, I’m not entirely sure what a “blog” is supposed to be. Is it a journal? Is it an alternate form of interactive communication? A pointless self-indulgence? Nervous habit? Or just an excuse for your favorite web content provider to push a little advertising?

My take? It’s the Information Age evolution of the Christmas letter. “Hi! I like you, but I’m not going to pick up the phone and call you for a chat. I’m going to send you a photocopied letter explaining every thing my family did in the last year, right down to Johnny’s Little League games. Enjoy!” It is essentially the Internet version of a slideshow of vacation photos.

The joy of the blog is that the READER is in control. You need not read a blog unless you realy WANT to do so. That’s the advantage of the blog - complete control.

Unfortunately, the typical blogger sees this as a negative. He compensates by inviting everyone he knows to come and view his blog. At least, that is the hope of the fine folks who own the web site, and who provide its fascinating advertising component. Mostly, the blogger is simply indulging his own ego. He sincerely BELIEVES that someone wants to read what he has written.

My theory is that most people just show up to see the advertising. But I could be wrong.

Mine is not a blog. It is not written with the notion that someone else will come along and read it. It is not intended to inform, or to entertain. I have no desire to encourage anyone to “connect”, or to comment, or to “share”. On the other hand, I do not intend to indulge my ego by assuming that someone will actually CARE about anything I might have to write. Because this is not a blog.

So why am I writing? I am writing because I have to. I haven’t the slightest idea why. I only know that I need to write something. Even if my punctuation is poor. Even if I don’t make sense. Even if I have nothing to say. Even if no one reads it. Even if I dramatically overuse the ellipsis…

Yes, it’s a cliché. Sue me. But I write because it is there.

And I’m far too out of shape for Everest.

The church says:  The body is a sin.

Science says:  The body is a machine.

Advertising says:  The body is a business.

The body says:  I am a fiesta.

       -- Eduardo Galeano

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 In addition to this little narcissistic self-indulgence, I also have a FASCINATING ham radio web page at KJ0Q.com.  Indulge your inner geek, and go have a look.


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