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A collection of completely random pictures of stuff.

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Or not.


"What we think, we become."  Apparently, I was thinking about fat guys.Disney World, 2007.  That's me in the middle. Indiana Jones live stage show at MGM Studios.  Timing is everything, eh?Two kids happier than a tornader in a trailer park.We survived the Yeti!Kira was excited to meet artist Alan Foxx, at Downtown Disney.MGM Studios, outside the backlot tour.EPCOT - Morocco.
Crestone, Colorado, June 2008.  This awesome stream was just 20 feet from our tent.Crestone campsite was deep inside this canyon.Wilkerson Pass, Colorado.Bonny State Park, eastern plains of Colorado.  We had the entire park to ourselves!Royal Gorge bridge.The view from Pike's Peak.The obligatory train ride to Pike's Peak.Snowballs in June!
Canyon cut by the Red River, at Wild Rivers Recreation Area near Taos, NM, June 2008.View from our campsite at Wild Rivers.  800 ft descent just 15 ft from the tent!Ours was one of only 3 occupied campsites in this entire HUGE park.  Awesome.This pic was taken 180 degrees from the previous shot.  Can you be more isolated?!Nothing but the distant sound of the river rapids.  Until the coyotes started in!La Junta trail - DIFFICULT 800 ft descent.  We hiked to where the two rivers merge.Water - check.  iPod - check.  Boy Scout with survival gear - check.If you look closely, you can see the trail between the two rivers (Rio Grande, and Red River).
Less than 1/3 of the way down.  We started at the little outcropping at the top of the pic.View from the bottom of the canyon.  Yes, we started at the highest point!From the trail between the rivers.  What looks like a peak is a level outcropping; top part is where we started.Confluence of the Rio Grande (left, behind bush) and Red River (right, larger).Starting back up!  What looks like a peak is actually all one level.  Start point is at top of pic.More than halfway there... and utterly exhausted.  Starting to rain now.  The Boy Scout brought rain gear.80% there, on the never-ending switchback trail.  Cold. whiney, lots of rest stops.  Kids, too.Wow, we made it!  Hardest hike we've ever done ... but beautiful.

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